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Windsurfing fins. The design & manufacture of windsurf race fins, slalom fins, speed fins, freeride fins, freewave fins and wave sailing fins is where we started. Black Project is focussed on making the best windsurf fins on the market across all disciplines. Our extensive R&D program combined with the highest standards of precision engineering mean that you get the fastest, the most radical and the most fun windsurfing fins to ride available. No matter where you windsurf, your skill level and/or your equipment we have the perfect fin(s) for you.
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SUP fins, SUP race fins, stand up paddle fins, paddleboard fins, paddle board race fins, flat water racing, downwind race fin, speed, tracking, stability, weed race fin, shallow water SUP finStand Up Paddle Race Fins

SUP race fins. We make the fastest stand up paddle race fins available today. SUP race fins are becoming an increasingly crucial for racers looking for maximum speed, tracking and stability on their paddle boards. With the amazingly diverse sport of stand up paddling growing at an astonishing rate SUP race fin choice can have a major impact on your tracking, speed, stability and overall performance and enjoyment. Black Project is focussed on developing the fastest paddle board race fins and most radical products on the market so that you can customize your riding experience and stay ahead of the competition, Chose Black Project & win your next SUP race.
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SUP paddles, stand up paddle, carbon paddle, race paddle, wave paddle, adjustable paddle, 3-piece travel paddle, standup paddleStand Up Paddles

SUP paddles – Black Project makes the lightest SUP paddles with exceptional handling with a smooth and efficient stroke. Working with the finest pre-preg carbon available we produce lightweight premium quality sup paddles for paddlers who demand ultimate performance and durability. As paddle boarders we are all different and hence Black Project offers a number of options to ensure that you get the paddle which is tailored to your specific needs so that you can excel on the water.
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A message from Black Project Founder Chris Freeman… 

“Based in Maui, Hawaii, the original home of both windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding. Black Project is focussed on designing, testing and manufacturing the highest performance windsurfing fins, stand up paddle fins and SUP paddles available on the market today. We are lucky to live, work and ride in the perfect & toughest environment for producing the finest gear which can then be enjoyed world wide. By working with the highest level athletes from around the world together with experienced testers we are able to put a little bit of the Maui magic in every fin and paddle we produce. Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy the water as much as we do.”  Chris Freeman, Founder, Black Project Hawaii

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