Mar 10

The Birth of the EPIC

At Black Project Fins we are always looking to develop our products so that our riders have the most innovative equipment possible to enable them to push both their own and the sports boundaries.

You cannot keep things secret long these days in Hawaii. Mark here show's the camera his new fin while swimming to avoid the rocks at Ho'okipa

Through our discussions with our wave team rider and windsurfing legend Mark Angulo we started work on a new fin designed specifically for super fast down the line riding on single fin or thruster boards. Mark was already thinking about double rotations off the lip (yes he means DOUBLE MUTANTS) and to achieve this he asked for more speed in his bottom turn. Throughout the Autumn and early Winter here in Maui we tested a number of prototypes until we were happy with the new design. We have recently started making these in the factory with the first fins already on the water and we are pleased to announce that the EPICwave is born!

Explosive action off the top thanks to more speed from the EPICwave (Photo Credit: James Flynn)

BPF designer Tom Hammerton explains his thinking when designing the new fin:

“The concept for the EPICwave was for something a little more specialized for faster waves and proper down-the-line waveriding conditions. The WaveSINGLE is an all-around wave fin that can be made to work in almost any conditions but Mark wanted something a little special. The foil is designed for a little bit more speed with less drag, it will actually stall a bit sooner which makes it easier to push the tail around. The aspect ratio has been lowered with more area low down to give more drive with a fast roll rate. We increased fin rake, which helps with stability during the fast turns. I also tried to make the fins as short as practical. Note that the 23cm is a LARGE fin for big sails/boards/riders. The entire range is covered in 1.5cm increments, which is equivalent to the 2cm jump in the WaveSINGLE. The EPICwave is sdeally suited to pure wave boards in a single or thruster set up.” Tom Hammerton

When you are deep in the pit you'd better have a fin that you trust!

The feedback from Mark has been excellent and we’ll let his sailing do the rest of the talking! The EPICwave will be available soon from your local dealer or via the BPF online store.

"Hey Jimmie, have you seen the new EPICwave?"

More to follow…