Mar 02

Brad sets 1 hour world record with WeedSPEED 28

Lake George may not be the most well known speed sailing spot but for the fanatical crew in South Australia it provides world class conditions and now it has produced a new world record. Brad Anderson was using the X45 and WeedSPEED 28 for the first time and the results were exceptional. On Friday 1st March 2013 Brad set 8 separate PBs across multiple GPS categories including an exceptionally fast 100m speed of 47.31 knots on the X45 and an impressive 5 x 10 speed of 45.05 knots which places him currently into 2nd place in the year’s rankings. The day will be remembered for the New One Hour World Record of 30.37 knots, Brad becomes the first person to achieve a 30+ knots average for the hour, for those riders who know what 30 knots feels like, imagine holding that speed for 60 minutes, quite mind blowing to be honest! Brad was using his new WeedSPEED 28 for the record which is ideally suited to the shallow and weed filled lake.

View Brad’s full GPS results for the day >>

Looking at Brad’s PBs it appears that his new fins have made a dramatic difference! We want to congratulate Brad for his fantastic speeds and we urge you to check out the X45 and WeedSPEED for yourself.

More to follow…