Jan 19

Morgan Noireaux talks about his move to Black Project Fins


We are very pleased to be able to announce that Maui based AWT & PWA ripper MOGAN NOIREAUX has just the Black Project Fins team for 2014. Morgan who has impressed everyone for the past few years at home and one the road with the American Windsurfing Tour underlined his brilliance by defeating newly crowned PWA World Champion Marcilio Browne at the JP Aloha Classic. Unfortunately Morgan was injured on his way back to the beach and was unable to advance further finishing 4th in his first PWA event.

“Signing Morgan was an obvious choice for me and something that has been in process for some time, I was behind bringing him to Hot Sails Maui and have traveled with his extensively on the AWT tour, he is smart, business minded, focussed, talented and much more. He is an around athlete and I am confident we are going to see much more of him in the future for many years to come. From a team perspective Morgan adds another dimension to both our testing and promotional work at Black Project Fins and customers around the world will benefit from his input as we continuously strive to make the best fins possible.” Chris Freeman, Black Project Fins


We caught up with Morgan to ask him a few quick fire questions;


You were injured during the Aloha Classic back in November, can you update us how you are recovering?

Yeah, right after my heat with Marcilio I hurt some of the tendons in my foot. It was nothing to serious but it’s been taking a long time to heal. My foot is not 100% better, but I’ve been doing some rehab and I’m almost there.


Why did you decide to change fin sponsors for 2014?

I have worked with both Chris and Tom before and have a good relationship with them, and since we all live on Maui it makes easy to communicate. It also given me the opportunity to really give my input, and work on the fins, and since I already work with Tom on sails it makes it really easy.


What fins have you been using and what are you going to be working on with Black Project, will you have you own signature fin?

I’ve been trying a lot of the fins, right now I’ve been using the MiniEPICs combined with the THRUSTERS and really liking them. I will be involved in testing a lot, trying out different shapes and materials and so on. I actually just received some new MiniEPICs to try, made out of different materials with different twist properties. I’m not to sure about a signature fin, I guess that depends on Chris? Ha ha. Well see what happens. Right now I’m happy with the fins that we have and will be working more on those.


Has your success in the PWA tempted you to attend more events in 2014?

It’s not really about being tempted or not, it’s more of a question of budget and fitting it into my schedule as I attend College full time as well as sailing and competing. I’ll obviously do Maui again if it happens, and I’d love to go to Chile or another down-the-line event, so I’ll see.
It’s a possibility.


Thanks Morgan, we look forward to seeing you back to full fitness and on the water tearing up Ho’okipa! More details about the new fins which Morgan is talking about will be released soon but for now here is a picture!

Morgans new fins


More to follow…