Mar 18

Fanatic Freewave 106TE & Black Project Thruster Fins Review

This review looks at the thruster fin options for the Fanatic Freewave 106 ltr. We are always very keen to hear customer feedback about their experiences with different fin set ups on particular boards, conditions, sails etc. This interaction really helps us further build our understanding of what our customers need so that when asked we can provide first class service. The board in question today is actually Ant Baker‘s board in the UK which he had leant out on demo. When Ant realized that the 2014 version of the Fanatic Freewave 106 TE had a thruster configuration but was supplied with only a single fin option he immediately asked us to work on a specific setup which he felt his riders in the UK would want. Looking for a fast and controllable set up which was well balanced in terms of size through testing and discussion we opted for a full MiniEPIC setup with 17.5cm PB rear and 12.5cm Slot Box fronts, as we had to specially order the 17.5 in PB it took some time before he received exactly what he wanted. The total area of this set up is 335 cm2 and plenty to get the board upwind while providing the maneuverability riders want. For those needing even more drive then consider swapping the fronts for 13.5s.

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Tim Frampton took this out and sent us his feedback;


“I have a Fanatic Freewave 96 TE with standard fins. Nothing wrong with them 🙂 I found the 106 Freewave with the Black Project Fins, was different. It was so much quicker to plane, even in lighter winds. But with no adverse lift when powered. Also the board felt like it was smoother over the chop and felt solid, heading up wind was a breeze, I stood on the rail and no spin out at all. Which can happen in the standard set up.

Also when landing a jump it instantly gripped and was easy to keep planning. No spin. Have to say I was very impressed all round, I really noticed the difference.

There was only swell and not really waves but on the way in it did feel loose which I wasn’t expecting after the grip I had on the way out, could crank it round with confidence. Amazing the difference the fins made!

Confidence giving performance I would say. No spin out and amazing grip and upwind performance, but still allowed the loose characteristic of the Freewave to shine through, even helping, I am used to the 96 and it didn’t feel like 10 more ltrs.

I am definitely going to change my wave fins following this test.” Tim 


If you have feedback and / or questions then please get in touch. If you have a Fanatic board then check out this guide to choosing your fins;




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More to follow…