Jun 26

Jurjen proves just how fast the Type S is at the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge

The Type S has been well proven around the world and on GPS websites but it is always great to get a reminder of just how fast the fins are. Jurjen van der Noord (Mistral, Severne, Black Project, Surfcenter.nl), our #1 speed rider and tester is well regarded as one of the fastest guys on the planet but what gives him the edge?


There is a lot of talk about custom fins, but Jurjen uses production Type R, Type RS, Type S & Type X fins (except when testing our prototypes) with devastating results!

“The Type S performed very good. I still was 0.5-1 knot off the pace compared to Bjorn, but overall much faster then the rest. I used the Type S 26.5 with the Mistral Speed 47cm wide and 7.0 and the Type S 29 with the Mistral Speed 55cm wide with 7.0 and 7.8. Acceleration and top speed were great. Also the upwind performance was good making it easy to get back to the start of the course. In one heat (my worst result) I tried one of the fins from [BLEEP], a [BLEEP] Slalom 30cm. This fins was no good at all. Acceleration and top speed were much lower but it worked well in the lulls. All in all a big succes, also for BPF. Keep up the good work!” Jurjen


Speed can be compared in a number of ways, while top speeds may give lots of information consistency over time is also extremely important, being able to sail fast in a range of conditions and averaging higher is extremely important to us. The Type S was designed to handle the toughest speed conditions for ultimate control at high speeds.



Pos / Name / Results / Total

  1. Bjorn Dunkerbeck (1-0,7)(2-0,7)(3-0,7)(4-0,7)(5-0,7)(6-0,7)(7-0,7)(8-0,7)(9-0,7) 4.9
  2. Jurjen van der Noord (1-2)(2-2)(3-3)(4-3)(5-3)(6-2)(7-3)(8-2)(9-2) 16
  3. Anders Bringdal (1-4)(2-6)(3-4)(4-2)(5-2)(6-3)(7-2)(8-3)(9-4) 20


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