Aug 25

The SUPer Yacht head to head

Always looks for a new challenge and way to promote the sport of stand up paddling Black Project team rider Joanne Hamilton-Vale has been mixing it up with bigger competition!

Jo and the boat w615

“Coming from a sailing background I was really excited to SUP at the Extreme Sailing Event at Cardiff Bay. It was only one day after a large event in the UK so I did not have anyone to race against. The organizers thought it would be great if I went out and paddled against an Extreme 40 Catamaran. I chatted to the sailing crew before paddling and they said;

“You paddle and we will hunt you down. We won’t hit you”.

Off I went and as it got closer I could hear it coming, it passed within feet of me. I could have touched it, without stretching. We spent 20 minutes playing cat and mouse and it was the best playtime ever. I feel very lucky to have done this photo shoot with Land Rover and be able to promote our sport to a new audience” Joanne Hamilton-Vale (Black Project)

More to follow…