Aug 30

Morgan Noireaux unleashed (video)

Fresh from his win in Mexico Morgan went straight back to college in Hawaii, a new breed, he balances full time study with full time windsurfing. Traveling this summer with Morgan I have learnt so much about life and windsurfing, the unassuming teenager wise beyond his years is ever motivated and a true inspiration on and off the water. I am extremely proud to have him as our lead tester and team rider in the waves and even more proud to be able to call him my friend. While this video in true Morgan style is called “Libre” this summer we saw a new side to him, all around could see the inner fire, an untamable talent ready to be unleaded, loss in Peru stoked that fire further and what we are seeing now is Morgan ‘Unleashed’ and trust me there is lots more to come!

Morgan works hard to fine tune his equipment, currently he is using his MiniEPIC quad set up mostly which consists of the 14.5 MiniEPICs and 9 thrusters all in the new Black Ed. G10. We cannot promise that you will rider like Morgan but we know that changing your fins will make a massive difference to your riding, get yours today – http://buyblackprojectfins.com

More to follow…