Oct 03

“Speed and Control” – MiniEPIC Customer Feedback with Goya 84 Custom Quad

Traveling with the American Windsurfing Tour (AWT) enables me to meet many riders who we would otherwise only know via emails and names. It was great to meet Jad in Peru during the Pacasmayo Classic and he wanted to try some fins on his GOYA 84 Custom Quad board. All went very well and he ended up winning the Amateur bracket on his new fins, he sent us some feedback as he was amazed at the difference it made to his board and fun!

Jad - Goya 84

“I am the kind of windsurfer who buys a new board and just sails with the fins that come with it. I did try different types of fins before without noticing much of a difference. Just before the start of the AWT Pacasmayo Classic competition this year, I got the chance to try the Black Project MiniEPIC 14.5 on an 84L Goya Quad Wave board – the exact same board I have back home – and after the first turn I decided to use them in the competition! 

I was never able to charge waves with such a speed and control! These fins gave me confidence to push tighter and tighter my turns without losing speed and grip – even the sound these fins make are awesome. I highly recommend them!” Jad Ghosn (Amateur Champion, AWT Pacasmayo Classic 2014) 

epic quad set black

Rigorous testing, superior design and precision foiling make Black Project the best wave fins money can buy! 

Check out Black Project fins team rider and #1 wave tester Morgan Noireaux tearing apart Mexico with his MiniEPIC 14.5 rear fins and 9cm Thruster front fins… Morgan claimed his first AWT title in Mexico this year and is currently 2nd in the Overall AWT rankings as we prepare for the Aloha Classic.

If you have any questions about fin set up then please contact us for assistance, if you are ready to super charge your board today then get yours in the online store or from your local dealer!

More to follow…