Nov 16

Morgan claims his maiden PWA victory at Aloha Classic with his MiniEPICs

morgan aloha w615

What a month it has been for Black Project Fins’ team rider 20yr old Morgan Noireaux from Haiku, Maui. We are thrilled for Morgan who not only has claimed his first PWA victory but also the first PWA victory for Black Project Fins.  Having watched Morgan sail these past years in a range of conditions we knew that he had what it took to beat anyone in the world. Talent and results do not always match and to have accomplished this feat so early in his career is quite amazing. Joining a distinguished list of winners of the Aloha Classic, including riders like Mark Angulo (who we made the original EPICwave for), Robby Naish, Levi Siver etc. Morgan has elevated himself to windsurfings elite and the future now looks brighter than ever for the down to earth full time student based in Maui.

life changes w615

Above image: The moment life changed for Morgan, waiting for the others to arrive at the podium after his win at the PWA Aloha Classic

I cannot believe I won the whole PWA event; it is just incredible to win at my home spot, if there is anywhere I would have wanted to win a PWA event it is here! Congratulations to Thomas for the title and Marcilio for making it onto the podium too!” Morgan Noireaux (JP Australia, Hot Sails Maui, Black Project Fins)

“I am so proud of Morgan for winning the PWA! Morgan has grown so much over the past five years on the AWT Tour and it has been an honor to watch him progress. He really deserves this and I am one proud mama!” Sam Bittner, AWT Tour Director

winning set up

Above image: Morgan’s winning setup MinIEPIC 14.5 rears with Thruster 9 fronts 


Morgan rides a mix of Thruster and Quad boards. For his Thruster set ups Morgan uses the MiniEPIC for all three fins with 11.5 fronts and a range of 15.5, 15.5 & 17.5 rear. For Quads Morgan uses the MiniEPIC 14.5 & 15.5 rears and Thruster 8 and 9 fronts. In smaller surf he will use the [FLX] construction fins with a little more twist and when the waves are bigger and faster then he rides all Black Ed. G10 versions for more drive. People ask whether he uses production fins, the answer is simple, YES, he uses the same fins which you can buy from the Online Store or your nearest retailer.


More to follow…