Nov 24

Fanatic Tri-Wave 88 initial impressions with MiniEPIC 16.5/12.5 Thruster Fins

As much as we try different boards with our fins there is only so much we can do and hence it is always great to hear feedback from around the world, different boards, different sails, different riders and in different locations. We all face a unique set of variables and while we have become skilled at asking the right questions and adapting people’s rides it is very rewarding and insightful to get specific feedback. Thanks to Kirk (QLD, AUS) for sending in some initial impressions from his first sessions on the new gear.

  • Board: Fanatic Tri-Wave 2014
  • Sail: Severne Blade 5.3
  • Fins: MiniEPIC 16.5 rear with MiniEPIC 12.5 fronts.
  • Rider: Kirk 80kg

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“I’ve been very impressed with the performance of the EpicWAVE [FLX] 21.5cm in my 8’10” WindSUP and have been itching to test out how the MiniEPICS G10 12.5/16.5cm work in my Fanatic Triwave 88

Well the weekend just gone provided the perfect conditions – 20-30 knot Northerly  2-3ft swell – to work on my Port tack riding and really put the 88 (and particularly the fins) to the test, and mate I AM STOKED!

Control, speed, and confidence are the three words that immediately spring to mind. I couldn’t get over just how quick of the mark she was, how controlled she felt, and how forgiving she was with her BPFs’ on.

If anything, the experience has now got me seriously frothing to get my new BPFs’ into both the Starboard Black Box and Starboard Quad which are on order.

Anyway, the attached pics are from last Saturday when we scored a steady 20-25 knot Northerly and some clean little waves (2ft mark), under clear blue skies. And while some of the boys were on sub 5.0m’s, I was more than happy on my 5.3m (please refer my earlier comment re ‘control’ -seriously impressive).

Yesterday was a different kettle of fish altogether with a solid 25-30 knots, more punch in the swell, and a touch more size on the sets. And mate it only took two waves to convince me to brave the hike back up the boiling
hot sand track and back too rig down to my 4.7m. Yet again, I was just blown away by how much control I had underfoot. 

As you know Chris, I’ve been running ******  fins for a few seasons now and have always loved how forgiving they are on a wave. But it is safe to say that I am now ‘a believer’ in G10 (and [FLX]) and really can’t wait to get all my boards riding with Black Project Fins!” Kirk, QLD, Australia 


Thanks Kirk for the feedback. If you have a Fanatic (as well as other brands) then you might want to check out our guide for their boards (new 2015 guide coming soon) which helps you pick what Black Projects you should be using. If you have questions then please contact us.




If you have a thruster (3 fin set up) then check out our guide – Five Steps to THRUSTER Perfection.


More to follow…