Dec 07

The new Tiger Sprint race fin is launched – are your ready to reach higher speeds and turn tighter?


Working closely with 4 x UK race champion Ryan James together with fellow team mates Joanne Hamilton-Vale and legendary racer turned equipment guru Bart de Zwart we have just finished our latest stand up paddle race fin. As race fleets become increasingly competitive from club to pro level riders are looking to fine tune their equipment more than ever before. The new fin will enhance your tuning options and change the characteristics of your race board. We just have one question – Are you ready to win more races?

Our new SUP race fin takes its name from the Tiger shark which frequents the Hawaiian waters in which we conduct a large percentage of our testing. Known for their bursts of speed and agility the Tiger is one of the deadliest sharks alive. For a fin which is devastatingly quick and turns tightly around the buoys the name Tiger seemed apt. Riders of the Tiger will enjoy faster surges of speed and tighter and quicker technical turns. The new fin will get you round the course more efficiently while helping you to leave less overtaking opportunities for your competitors. In surfing conditions the new design will give you increased control and turning so that you can out maneuver the rest of the chasing field with speed and confidence.

The new foil offers surprisingly large amounts of grip when at speed given its 20cm length and small 216cm2 area (compared to the Maliko at 278cm2), however when you initiate your buoy turn the fin is designed to change the behavior of the board significantly enabling you to get much tighter transition. The newly designed foil has some special properties which optimize the turning ability at low speeds just when you need it but increasing the grip as the speed increases on the straights so that you can deliver more power through your paddle. Racing is about getting from A to B as quickly as possible with the caveat that in races with lots of turning that becomes A to B to C to D etc. For riders in weedy (or trash filled) locations the 35 degree (from vertical) leading edge efficiently sheds weed to keep you paddling unhindered.

The new Tiger Sprint fits into our Pro Race line of fins and comes with the new innovative Pro Base (also found on the 2015 version of the Maliko) (For 2015 we have split our range into the Pro Race and Touring lines so that we can more precisely fine tune your experience as a rider). Black Project is the only SUP fin manufacturer to give riders the option of two different styles of base. As the premium choice we want to make sure that your fin fits perfectly, only then can it perform the way we designed it. There are two main types of fin boxes currently on sale and while they may seem extremely similar there are distinct differences and if you try to make one fin which fits both you will always be compromising performance.


Our US base is designed to fit boards such as Naish, Starboard, JP-Australia and more, typically the brands which have come from a windsurfing background where this is an industry standard. Our SURF base looks very similar but is narrower, shallower and its pin is higher than on the US base. This is the same fin box as used on many longboards and hence companies originating in surfing tend to use this base as do a large percentage of newer brands. Boards such as SIC, Imagine, Glide etc. use this base. The new distinctive cut outs save weight while reducing friction and making insertion easier. The foil has been moved forward on the base to protect the trailing edge when positioning the fin, which is also helped by the widening of the locking cutout. Lots of thought and design has gone into the base of our SUP race fins even though it remains hidden most of the time. Remember that a correctly fitting fin is the foundation upon which we build our race winning foil so it has to be perfect! Learn more about our SUP fin bases. 

Built in ultra-durable Black Ed. G10 using the highest standards in CNC manufacture the Tiger is perfectly formed to our specifications. Given its impact resistance your new fin is likely to out live your carbon race board making a Black Project fin not only fastest option but is built with the utmost precision out of the most durable materials.

Whether you are battling it out around the last mark on your local pond or surfing to the finish at the Battle of the Paddle the new Tiger Sprint is going to give you the deadliest winning edge.

The new fin will start shipping in a few weeks in limited numbers, contact your local dealer to reserve your fin and / or get in contact.


Some Specifications

  • Depth: 20cm
  • Rake: 35 degrees (from vertical)
  • Area: 216cm2
  • Construction: Black Ed. G10
  • Base: US Pro Base or SURF Pro Base
  • Retail Price: $170 USD including free shipping
  • Learn More


More to follow…