Dec 29

Karl shares his Maliko feedback from the rivers of Belgium

SUP Karl

It is alway motivating to get feedback on our products, more importantly this feedback helps others to work out what is the best choice for them. Karl recently received his new Maliko race fin and sent us some great shots and his feedback from the rivers of Belgium.

 “I had three flat water training sessions with the Maliko fin last week. Now I do not have to worry about weeds in the water which is already nice because I’m not loosing time getting rid off the weed stuck on my fin. The biggest difference I feel is the tracking. This fin helps me paddle much straighter line which means less time lost in the glide during switching sides as I do not have to switch as much as before. I also stopped caring about drag very fast.

The second thing that really helps me is it gives me a bit more stability as a result I now have that little extra power that I can put in my stroke and also put more energy in my paddle technique. Because of the extra stability I can start working on my foot steering when I have to steer the board slightly to the left or the right. Nothing new for you possibly but for me this fin is just what I was looking for!  Greatings from Belgium! (next training tomorrow in 4°C or 39°F so time to get the gloves!)” Karl (Belgium) 


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