Jan 11

Matt smashes his PB with XLS 19cm speed prototype at West Kirby

2015 is already producing some good speeds, UK based speed sailor Matty York (Starboard, Point 7, Black Project) reports after smashing his personal best with one of our prototype speed fins.



West Kirby (UK) 10th January 2015 

“The forecast for Scotland was 100mph winds, so we where hoping it would be windy a little further south, we were not disappointed. Following a challenging drive up to West Kirby in Liverpool, with 40-50 knot winds blowing my big van all over the place we arrived to be greeted by 50 + knot winds 🙂 I had never seen Kirby this windy before, you could hardly stand up and a couple of the guys were already out there smashing it. Record conditions were short lived as it went too broad, we waited and waited, by 2pm it swung back towards the west and was perfect for the last few hours.

With my 5m Point 7 AC1 rigged ready for action and my Starboard speed W44 I needed to choose a fin and it seemed like a great opportunity to try the XLS 19 prototype Chris had sent me recently. All tooled up I hit the water, first run down the wall wasn’t epic, stuff not right like harness lines etc., but soon in the grove. The second run was super smooth ,the XLS 18 felt sold, the acceleration was awesome like driving a formula one car… for a few seconds it all felt light and is I was in slow motion.. stopping now that was harder in the rolling chop at the end of the run and I exploded, all ok but the 5m took a beating so I was forced back to shore to rig the 5.6 which was way too big but I wanted more and there was no way i was giving in after initially hitting a 46.92 knot 2s peak speed and a 45 knot 10s run. i needed a few more 42 plus 10s to up my average .. so with a 5.6 and the 19cm XLS I hit the water again. 

I thought that i might have been under finned for a 5.6m but all good and confidence was high. Banging out a few more runs before dark , 45/44/43knots I ended up with a massive 43.knot average …super stoked about that and I put my new PBs down to an epic fin (and me of course ), the waiting period begins again and I cannot wait to try this combination again.” Matty York 



The XLS is an experimental fin which was initially conceived for the Luderitz channel, Matty was using the 19cm symmetrical version which is optimized for 46 knot averages.


XLS 52 (16.5) Tuttle TBC 5.0 – 5.5 41 – 44cm
XLS 50 (17.3) Tuttle TBC 5.0 – 5.7 42 – 46cm
XLS 48 (18.0) Tuttle TBC 5.5 – 6.0 43 – 48cm
XLS 46 (19.0) Tuttle TBC 5.5 – 6.3 44 – 50cm


Matt is now ranked #7 on the 2015 GPS world rankings, let see if he can hold or better his position in the months ahead! View details of his session here>>


Whether you are a serious speed sailor or weekend GPS warrior we have the tools to help you get the most out of your session, please contact us to discuss your needs.


More to follow…