Jan 12

Big Winds’ TJ gives his initial feedback on the TIGER & compares to MALIKO

For those of you who know TJ of Big Winds (who is in charge of the SUP/KIte Department) you’ll know he loves great gear and demands nothing but the best from the products he rides and sells in the store. During the past few years he has been riding our SUP race fins and is always keen to try something new. Big Winds were the first dealer in the USA to receive their demo TIGER Sprint fin and after testing it their first order arrived in my inbox very quickly! We caught up with TJ for his comments on the new fin (a full review is coming soon).


“My go-to combination of Black Project SUP fins are the MALIKO on my SIC V2 for Gorge downwinders, and now the TIGER Sprint on my Starboard All-Star 14’x25” race board. The Maliko has proven to add stability, yet be maneuverable on the swell…and is fast! The rake works in year round conditions shedding the summer river vegetation with ease. The Tiger Sprint is the perfect size and sweep for flat water/course racing…allows for a very good tracking, and incredible pivot turning. Swept back to deflect weeds, and short enough not to bury into the sand when the water level is low. Fast and nimble. I love it! Made of Black Ed. G10 material, Black Project fins are always repairable if damaged, unlike the ultralight carbon fins… With two different boxes being used on the board market Black Project is the only company to make two different bases for the perfect fit, on the SIC I need the SURF base and for the Starboard I need the US base. In all, a great product, with a solid build!” Tj, Big Winds, OR

tiger w615


The new TIGER is now available via Big Winds and soon on our online store and at other dealers.


More to follow…