Feb 01

Juston gives the EPIC Pro a glowing review

Maui based teenage ripper JUSTON NEES recently borrowed a Black Project paddle during a big day at Kanaha and it was not long before he wanted one of his own. A few weeks later it was great to get his email to say that he got his money together and was ready for an EPIC Pro Premium Carbon paddle. We love to share rider feedback and Juston sent in some feedback on his initial impressions.


“I was uncertain about using a new paddle because I was comfortable with my old one and saw no reason to change. Now I am so glad that I did. The EPIC Pro 95 Premium Carbon paddle from Black Project has changed my perspective on paddles. I had been using a full carbon Starboard paddle that I had been paddling with for 2 years or so, while it had previous owners before me it was still in great shape and I initially did not see a reason to change.

I thought that my old paddle was perfect for me, light comfortable and more but my new paddle is the smoothest, lightest, and most efficient paddle I have ever used. I have had so much wave luck with this blade, it gives me the extra confidence I need as well as increased efficiency in my stroke. The result is that when I am scratching towards the horizon trying to make it over a monster set (and we have had plenty of those this winter!) I can dig a littler deeper and reach the outside easier, the light weight, balance and power get me moving faster.

2015-01-31 20.01.00

One thing I liked about Black Project paddles was being able to choose between different options, I did not just have to have what someone else decided was right for me. I tried the MEDIUM and SOFT shafts and for me being smaller and on a very small board I went with the SOFT and paired that with the T handle. One of my favorite parts of the paddle is the USA made Premium Carbon shaft which is different to others I have used and seen. To help with grip it has a slightly textured finish which feels great in the hand with no need for wax. The SOFT shaft has a good degree of flex which helps me get more feedback from the paddle while surfing, helps me keep balance and also reduces tiredness during the extended sessions we have been getting. 

The backside of the T handle fits perfectly in my hand and is very comfortable when paddling during longer periods of time. The shape gives me instant feedback so that I always know where my paddle is facing. The blade cuts like butter and lets me take only three strokes where my old paddle would have needed at least four or five. This subtle difference is the deciding factor between making a late drop or going over the falls. Overall I love my new paddle and suggest to riders out there to give one a demo, you will be glad you did!” Juston (Maui, HI)  

EPIC Pro - full paddle with T w1200

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