Feb 01

Supercharge your STARBOARD BLACK BOX 107 with Black Project Fins

The Black Box from Starboard is a very interesting board which created a new breed of board in the market. As our underlying parameters change we need to consider carefully how we adjust our approach to ensure that we are optimizing performance correctly. There are three possible options with this board however it is suggested by Starboard to use option #3;

  1. Single fin
  2. Thruster with larger center fin and smaller sides
  3. Thruster with larger front fins and small center 

Black Box 107

When we were approached by Kirk (Gold Coast, Australia) and asked to help him tune up his Black Box 107 we jumped at the chance. In our 2014 Guide to Tuning Starboard Boards we suggested some set ups which would increase performance for the 87 ltr version but not the 107 ltr which was added to the range. Kirk had tried a number of options from other brands but wasn’t totally convinced that, despite loving the board that he was getting its full potential. Through discussions we settled on the WaveMULTI 17cm fronts and 13cm rear  for his 5.7m and 5.2m. With the width and volume of this board you really need some drive to get the most out of it. These G10 fins are stiffer, faster and more powerful than the fins which come as standard so despite being the same size as the originals they would act bigger. Kirk sent us his feedback so far;

“G’day Chris! 

Well I finally got the chance to test out the WaveMULTIs in my Black Box 107ltr yesterday and am pretty bloody impressed mate! 

Right from the get go it was obvious that the Black Projects had significantly better drive/upwind performance than the more flexible fins I had been running in her beforehand.

I will admit that I was a little concerned that the they might not be as forgiving on a waves as my previous set up, however, it only took a handful of waves to convince me that I’s found the ideal setup for the Black Box.The board just came to life! 

The 17/13 set up is working great on the 5.2 and 5.7 but I reckon that it could comfortably cope with a 6.0m as well but me thinks you’d probably want another cm all round if using a 6.2-6.3m so maybe 18/14 would be perfect.” Kirk (Australia) 


If you have board which you would like to tune up please contact us and we will help you build your perfect set up.




More to follow…