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More Fins = Less Excess Baggage & Reduced Carbon Footprint

We live in cost conscious and environmentally aware times and hence adding an extra set of fins might actually save you money and reduce your carbon foot print.

Can a new set of fins actually save you money?

Jip first approached me with his dilemma some time ago, together he and his partner Inge had decided to take a long winter break from their windsurfing school (Pro-Intro Windsurfing School) to develop their own skills and experience new locations. With excess baggage and space an issue he was keen to look at ways to reduce the number of bags they were traveling with and hence cost. Having the right quiver of fins can help you not only optimize but also extend the range of your board(s) and as a result you do not need to own so many boards, you do not have to travel with so many boards and you save money all round! An extra set of fins is quickly paid for in reduced excess baggage and you are reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.



“Inge and I are currently on a worldwide trip. We’ve been 9 weeks in Jeri, Brazil, and are now spending 7 weeks in Capetown, South Africa. After this, we will go to our last stop, Maui.

Because of such variation in conditions board choice is very hard. Once we made up our minds we decided to get a better range from our boards by traveling with more fins. Having never really thought much about fins in the past this would also be a great new experiment for us. Less boards but with increased range would really help to keep down the costs of equipment and excess baggage as well as helping us do a small part of the environment. 

I have been riding a 84ltr F2 Barracuda Quad. At 90kg some might say it’s a small board for me as my only board for such a long and varied trip but I love it This board comes standard with a 15cm / 10cm quad setup. To extend the range in stronger winds I added MiniEPIC 14.5 rears as well as 9cm & 10cm Thruster front fins (all G10). The Black Project setup has given the board a bit more speed and much faster rail to rail turning. While the board get’s less lift, the ride is more controlled and smoother. For lighter winds adding the 15.5 MiniEPIC rear fins further increases the range of the one board. This is very noticeable on strong wind with a lot of chop or on bigger waves, where the speed. So rather than bring a smaller board I have successfully traveled with one board and 3 sets of fins.”

Jip’s Tuning Tips for F2 Barracuda Quad 84ltr

“The wind direction and size of waves determine what fins I use and where I position them. On smaller waves with side to side on, where I have to carve a bit longer back to the wave, I use the 10 side for a bit more drive and speed, and place the 14.5 MiniEPICs a bit forward of neutral. This makes the board a bit more pivotal.

Smaller but cleaner waves with side, or side off (or strong winds) I replace the 10 with the 9cm side fins. With the smaller side fins I can make faster and bottom and topturns. Less drive is needed. The board sits is a bit more down in the water and this helps to give me a super surfy feeling. I really like this setup! 

On bigger waves I put the 14.5 MiniEPICs a bit further back in the box and the mast track slightly behind the middle position. With the higher speed and increased bumps on the bottom turn I need it to be a bit more secure. In lighter winds the 15.5 MiniEPIC rear fins gives maximum drive and balances larger sails efficiently” Jip (Pro-Intro Windsurfing School) 


Thanks to Jip for his feedback, we look forward to more tuning tips when he gets settled in Hawaii. Get ready for your next session by choosing your set up in the online store.

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