Feb 15

Reduce shoulder wear and muscle fatigue with the EPIC PRO Premium Carbon

Many of us who have found a new passion in stand up paddling have come from a range of sports. Personally I have had a life of windsurfing, surfing, snowboarding, rugby and tennis and having competed in all (except snowboarding and surfing) my body has taken a beating over the years. For many paddling puts a fresh spin on these worn muscles and joints and hence choosing a paddle which is going to help protect your frame is extremely important. For those young enough not to be feeling the pain just yet, learn from the advice of those with decades of extreme sports and look after yourself from an early age. We caught up with one of our UK dealers Mike (www.typhoonsports.co.uk) who has been using our EPIC Pro and EPIC Vario paddles for his feedback.


“I’ve been using the MALIKO race fin for just over a year now and during this time EPIC Pro Premium Carbon paddle was launched. After seeing how much difference the Maliko made to my paddle boarding I was keen to see if I was going to be hooked on another great product!

EPIC Pro - carbon weave - w1200

My first impressions of its look was great, a simple bold design no crazy patterns. The T handle is very comfortable and the shaft keeps its grip even when wet. The paddle weighs just over 400g lighter than anything I had used before, being lighter I have found that the EPIC Pro is excellent for racing and long distance paddles as fatigue is reduced. It’s so light in the hands that it makes switching sides so much easier, faster and less tiring, saving energy and making longer paddles easier, this is also very important for smaller and female riders. The premium carbon shafts made in the USA are incredibly responsive and I love the ability to be able to choose between Stiff, Medium and Flex shafts, again this really helps riders get the perfect fit for them. 

Being an ex-rugby player with numerous shoulder problems and a series of operations I was looking for a paddle which would help to protect my overly worn joints. The EPIC Pro has helped me paddle faster and for longer with no shoulder and back pain meaning more time on the water and less in the expensive physiotherapy room.” Mike | Typhoon Sports UK


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