Mar 29

Russ & Ruben reflect on a dream mission to Cabo Verde with the AWT

2015 saw a new addition to the American Windsurfing Tour calendar and Black Project riders #RussFaurot and #RubenLemmens were never going to miss this opportunity. Unfortunately PWA Aloha Classic champion #MorganNoireaux had to cancel his plans at the last minute as his replacement passport had not arrived in time. Black Project owner #ChrisFreeman was in attendance in his role as Head Judge but was not competing.


“When I first heard about the potential for an American Windsurfing Tour stop in Cabo Verde, Africa, I was beyond excited. I have dreamt about traveling to this wave (Ponta Preta) for the last 10 years, and when the opportunity finally presented itself, I had no choice but to go. Ponta Preta has to be one of the best windsurfing waves in the world. The perfect bowling waves combined with cross-offshore winds creates one of the most perfect canvases I can imagine for windsurfing.

I arrived a couple days before the competition was slated to start, and was rewarded with one of the best sessions of my windsurfing career. 5 hours sailing in prime conditions is hard to put into words how satisfying it is. Being dialed in on my gear at a new spot is always important. Fortunately, I have spent countless hours training and tweaking every little detail to get perfectly tuned. Working with Black Project Fins, has provided me with a wealth of options, allowing me to find the perfect setup. Having confidence in your equipments is hugely important at a spot such as Ponta Preta, where the rocks are right in front of the main break.


During the competition we were dealt much smaller waves, and had to move the venue to Secret Spot just up the coast. The wave there is very similar to Ho’okipa in Maui, so I felt right at home sailing. I managed to win my first two heats, before stumbling in the quarters. The highlight of the first round was beating one of my all time windsurfing heroes, Kauli Seadi! Kauli, however got the last laugh advancing through our Round 5 rematch. He managed a second place to Camille Juban in an impressive final.

The AWT has provided incredible opportunity for myself, and many others to to travel the world in search of perfect waves. While this trip did not turn out to have an overabundance of waves, I did get to sample the goods. I will have to come back and give Ponta Preta another run.” Russ Faurot (Black Project, Ezzy Sails, Oes Australia, Chinook, Dakine)


“Places with quality waves, good conditions and high risk seem to produce the most talented watermen (and women for you sensitive types). With the high performance of locals in the lackluster conditions we were dealt, it’s clear that Cabo Verde is an epicenter for windsurfing. Although Punta Preta, the jewel of Cabo Verde, didn’t show it’s splendor during the contest we were lucky enough to compete in side-off overhead waves in fully powered conditions. Getting third over some local talent was great, however it is now time to get in shape and start training for the upcoming AWT events.” Ruben Lemmens (Black Project, Ezzy Sails, Dakine)

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The team is currently training in Maui (except Morgan who disappeared off to Chile and is scoring!) ahead of the start of the West Coast leg of the Tour which kicks off in June.


Russ and Ruben both use a combination of MiniEPIC and Thruster fins in both Black Ed. and [FLX] to make the perfect adjustments and maximize their potential, learn more about these fins and decide which are right for you.


More to follow…