Jun 07

Sonni Hönscheid wins The Lost Mills

Sonni Hönscheid has won the 2015 Lost Mills International SUP Race, Week 3 of The Euro Tour. That makes it 3 straight wins as she stakes her claim on the overall title. The Lost Mills is now on the of toughest and highest ranked SUP races following the collapse of the Battle of the Paddle. With the Tour split into two venues in Week 2 this race saw all riders united and was a real test to see who was on top at this stage of the season. Sonni has been using the Tiger Sprint Pro Race fin to claim three straight victories on the Euro Tour and a 2nd at the Carolina Cup, find out what it can do for you here. She now is firmed placed at the top of the overall Euro Tour rankings and is making her climb up the World rankings at the same time.



More to follow…