Jul 26

SUPM Review the EPIC PRO SUP Paddle


Stand Up Paddle Magazine UK / AUGUST 2015 

“Black Project is based on the North Shore of Maui, Hawaii, and the brainchild of UK expats Chris Freeman and Tom Hammerton. Riders working with Black Project include Bart de Zwart, Sonni Hoenscheid, Ryan James, Joanne Hamilton-Vale and more, which is an indication of the rapidly growing appeal of this boutique high end brand.

Paddles generally fall into one of three categories – cheap low grade rubbish, mid-range affordability, with admirable performance, or elite high end efficiency. Within each of these categories are hundreds of minute nuances and subtleties which make a product applicable or not.

The Black Project Epic Pro Premium Carbon weapon certainly fits the high end mould with the use of premium grade USA made materials. Feeling super light – one of the lightest we’ve tested to date (about 400-425 grams depending on options and cut length) – the Epic Pro is available with the choice of three pre-preg carbon shafts: stiff, medium and soft. We tested the medium which ers towards the stiffer end of the spectrum and as such delivers maximum rider feedback. Coupled with its narrow shouldered blade the Epic Pro is cracking for putting the hammer down and getting the heart rate up. Experienced racers will likely choose the stiff shaft for even more drive.

During testing we partnered the Black Project paddle with a variety of SUPs – the majority race flavoured – and found the Epic loves an equally high performance light weight board where the rider can really choke down and drive their sled forwards. Stepping off the gas and it’s still a good ‘engine’ to have although the Epic really does prefer full power to maximise the blade’s characteristics.

We also used the brand’s Palm handle which is great for racing mode. We did score a few surf sessions, however, although the optional T grip might better for wave heads. In swell the Epic had admirable drive from standing static to boost you into waves but the real magic happens during rail-to-rail transitions and wrap arounds where movements are made effortless thanks to the low weight and superb balance. Riders serious about shredding should look at the soft shaft for increased feel.



Black Project have produced a classic bit of kit with their Epic Pro. Versatile, durable, responsive and light weight means joints and muscles will thank you for using such a well manufactured ‘stick’. To maximise efficiency paddlers will need to have their foot on the gas during races whereas multi-discipline SUP aficionados will appreciate the ease of nailing surf moves and cruising distance without succumbing to unnecessary fatigue.” SUPM / Aug 2015


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