Aug 15

MiniEPIC thruster wave fins review with Fanatic Tri-Wave 86ltr

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At Black Project we offer a wide range of windsurfing wave fins for quad fin, thruster fin, twin fin & single fin wave boards. We each face a unique set of variables when we go to the beach and thats why we love to hear your feedback and help you find the perfect fin set up which maximized your fun on the water.


Thanks to Nick from the UK who shared his initial feedback about his new set up.

  • Fins: MiniEPIC Black Ed. 17.5 and 11.5
  • Set up: 3 fin thruster
  • Board: Fanatic Tri-Wave 86ltr
  • Sail: 4.7 North Hero
  • Location: Hayling Isalnd, UK
  • Conditions: Cross-Onshore


“I got a chance to try out the new wave fins in the Fanatic Tri-Wave 86 recently. Wind was right on shore with 4 to 6 ft swell rolling into the bay at Hayling Island.

Set up the new MiniEPIC Black Ed. 17.5cm in the middle of the box along with the 11.5 front fins. This replaced the standard 18.5cm fin set the board came with. I rigged a 4.7m.

The board got on the plane and pointing right off the bat. Plenty of lift from the new set up. The board felt stable all the way. No spin out just grip and control! The gybing was clean and easy allowing confidence to grow in my style. Down wind back to the beach was fast and not at all draggy for a three fin board. Very little spin out especially as I sail wave kit like a slalom board.

Riding was back side however was able to change direction both up and down the wave with speed and crispness. The board never tripped and as the wind came up I was getting maxed everything remained on the water and under control. 

Between the jumps the acceleration was good and ease to the plane was impressive. The board felt settled in the chop too and looser overall than the bigger standard fins. Lift was probable better than the bigger stock fins!

Overall much better than the stock fins. I am looking forward to trying in cross-shore conditions with the 16.5cm are my center fin. Made an average wave sailor gain more riding confidence and enjoy the day more than I would have done otherwise allowing me to push harder than before.” Nick, Hayling Island (UK)


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More to follow…