Nov 22

MiniEPIC Quad & Twin Wave Fin Review with Quatro Cube 95ltr & 110ltr

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This twin fin and quad wave fin review will help you decide what is the right choice for your wave sailing. We work really hard with customers to help empower them to make informed choices about their windsurf fin set ups. The aim is always to give windsurfers advice so that they feel confident with their decisions. We love to hear feedback as it helps to validate the advice which we give. Thanks to Philip for sharing his quad and twin fin experiences with our blog. Philip was looking to increase drive and speed on his Quatro Cube 95 and 110ltr wave boards during his light wind wave sailing session on Oahu while at the same time looking for increased turning.



Quatro Cube 110 ltr with MiniEPIC 16.5 twin fin set up: 

“I recently purchased a twin fin pair of 16.5cm MiniEpic [Black Ed.] fins for my light wind slog and ride board, a Quatro Cube 110. Considering I weigh 82 kg, 110 ltr is a very large board relative to my weight and not very easy to turn when riding as a quad. The original fins are 16cm deep but relatively fat and wide so the slightly thinner and narrower profile of the Black Project MiniEPIC fins intuitively appealed to me. I decided to upsize slightly to 16.5 cm fins as I planned to use the board as a twin fin. I’m pleased to report the fins have exceeded my expectations. The fins feel freer and earlier to plane, seem to hold through a bottom turn better and can either slash or slide off the top . I’ve heard from some people that the problem with twin fins was that they could skip out on a bottom turn, and that board shapers added thrusters to make the ride more predictable. Riding these 16.5 cm fins as a twin fin in waves up to logo high I have never once had any reason to doubt the fins, they have been completely predictable through the bottom turn every time.”


Quatro Cube 95 ltr with MiniEPIC 15.5/10 quad and 15.5 twin set ups

“I also recently took delivery of a MiniEPIC [Black Ed.] 15.5/10 quad fin set to for my new Quatro Cube 95 board and I’m very impressed with the early planing and upwind ability of this quad wave fin set up (this set has a little more area 364cm2 compared to 350cm2). I also noticed more drive and speed through the bottom turn. The 15.5 cm rears with 10 cm front fins work well for light wind early planing conditions but in overpowered conditions (which we don’t get very often on Oahu) I think I need smaller fins on the front (I am keen to try 8 and 9cm front fins) or ride as a twin fin set up which I found was very loose.”



“I am very impressed with the quality of the Black Project wave fins. The original fins that came with my new board were not as durable, but I’m happy to report the Black Project [Black Ed.] fins are extremely strong. I had the misfortune to sail the 15.5 cm fins into a rock at speed and the fins look barely scratched.”   Words by: Philip (Oahu)


We all face a different set of variables and if you have any questions about which fin set up to try out then please contact us and let us help you find the perfect set up for your needs.


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