Apr 17

HYDRO – New 78 sq in blade for riders 50-70 kg

HYDRO – New 78 sq in blade for riders 50-70 kg


The Hydro Pro race paddle has been charging on downwinders and racking up the flat water miles worldwide since its launch. We have been thrilled at the glowing feedback from riders, stores & press. To cater for smaller stand up paddlers we designed the 78 sq in (small) blade. The new blade is aimed at paddlers in the 50 – 70 kg (110 – 155 lbs) range. The new smaller size also suits riders who like a higher cadence paddling on smaller and lighter boards. The 78 is available with either a Medium or Soft flex shaft and is also available in our travel version featuring our 2 x HEX system. This race paddle is incredibly light (from 375 grams!) and loves going fast.


Hydro 78 Overview

  • Designed for racing
  • 78 sq in blade
  • Scooped Dihedral blade shaping
  • Ideal Riders 50 – 70kg (110 – 155 lbs)
  • Available in Premium Carbon, 100% Carbon & 2 x HEX travel option
  • Available with MEDIUM or SOFT flex shaft
  • Standard Diameter Shaft
  • Weight from 375 grams (13 ounces)

Design in Maui. Tested worldwide.