May 01

Carbon Art Wave Boards Now Supplied With Black Project Fins

Carbon Art Wave Boards Now Supplied With Black Project Fins


We are very pleased to welcome Carbon Art Boards to the Black Project windsurfing ohana. James (Shaper) had been on Maui chasing winter swells and it was the perfect opportunity for him and his riders to try out a number of wave fin options for their wave board range. By working together we put together a range of single, twin & thruster fin set ups to fine tune and enhance the performance of their board range.


“Windsurfing boards designed to stand out from the crowd deserve fins that can deliver that little bit more than the rest. So it goes without saying that Carbon Art’s standout waveboards partnered with the very best in wave fins are going to perform beyond what you might have thought possible. With that philosophy in mind Carbon Art and Black Project Hawaii are creating magic by putting their awesome boards and fins together. In the search for the ultimate wave-ride, Carbon Art’s testing with Black Project Hawaii fins produced a noticeable performance increase. Carbon Art waveboards that already turned on a dime will now, incredibly enough, turn even tighter, with more drive, speed and holding power. From there the decision was a no-brainer and the Carbon Art — Black Project Hawaii partnership was born. Carbon Art and Black Project Hawaii – ride the equipment the world’s best are using and feel the rush.” Carbon Art



“It’s great to have Black Project as our partner supplier for wave fins – they seemed the natural choice with their emphasis on real and defined performance – we were blown away with the combination and the decision was automatically made.”
James Dinnis, Carbon Art


epic-windsurfing-wave-single-fin Black.Project.Fins_.MiniEPIC.Twin_.wave_.fin_.set_.up_.Morgan.Noireaux.Black_.Edition Black.Project.Fins_.MiniEPIC.Thruster.wave_.fin_.set_.up_.Morgan.Noireaux.Black_.Edition Black.Project.Fins_.MiniEPIC.quad_.wave_.fin_.set_.up_.Morgan.Noireaux.Black_.Edition
Single Fin Twinzer Fins  Thruster Fins  Quad Fins 


“Carbon Art has always been an innovator in the sport of windsurfing. James’ dedication to performance above all else made this an ideal opportunity for our two boutique brands. Black Project looks forward to working closely with the CA team as we continually strive for the ultimate wave sailing experience. CA customers will now be riding the exact same fins as iconic wave sailors Morgan Noireaux, Bernd Roediger and many more.” Chris Freeman, Black Project Hawaii



Design in Maui. Tested worldwide.