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Aug 08

Morgan Noireaux Pro Tips: When do you use a thruster wave fin set up?

Many wave boards now come with twin, thruster and quad options, but when should you use your thruster fin set up?

Feb 10

Morgan Noireaux Pro Tips: Mark the position of your wave fins with a Sharpie!

We start our new series of Pro Tips to help you improve your fin tuning today by reminding you to always mark the position of your wave fins when you find a sweet spot.

Jan 20

Quad fin size guide for windsurfing wave boards

Windsurfing quad wave board fin choice can be confusing. This quick reference guide is aimed at simplifying options so that you can easily tune up your wave board for maximum performance and enjoyment. While boards are supplied with fins as standard these are rarely optimal for your own set of variables including weight, wind, waves, skill …

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Apr 07

What speed & slalom fin does Jurjen van der Noord use in different conditions?

We caught up with Jurjen van der Noord who has been riding for Black Project Fins now for a few years and asked him what slalom and speed fin he uses and when. Hopefully his input will help empower you to choose the right fins in the online store or at your local dealer. Name: …

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Feb 01

Supercharge your STARBOARD BLACK BOX 107 with Black Project Fins

The Black Box from Starboard is a very interesting board which created a new breed of board in the market. As our underlying parameters change we need to consider carefully how we adjust our approach to ensure that we are optimizing performance correctly. There are three possible options with this board however it is suggested …

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Jan 02

What should I consider when choosing the stiffness of my Premium Carbon shaft?

When choosing your EPIC Pro 95 Premium Carbon paddle you are offered a choice of shaft stiffness and it is important to choose the optimal bend characteristics which match your unique set of variables. There are a few things to consider and this post aims to empower you to make an informed decision. If in …

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Dec 26

Ready to cut your shaft, make sure you get it right!

If you have recently purchased a Black Project paddle and are cutting to the correct length then this handy calculator (.xlsx) helps you work out the length that you should cut your shaft to achieve the desired length based on your chosen options. More to follow…

Nov 24

Fanatic Tri-Wave 88 initial impressions with MiniEPIC 16.5/12.5 Thruster Fins

As much as we try different boards with our fins there is only so much we can do and hence it is always great to hear feedback from around the world, different boards, different sails, different riders and in different locations. We all face a unique set of variables and while we have become skilled …

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Mar 27

US Box to Slot Box Fin Conversion – Quick Guide

While Black Projects are available in all major bases there are time when maybe you might need to convert your fin, perhaps you had a US box board and then get a new one with Slot Box? Pedro recently bought a new board  and was in this very position, rather than buy a new fin …

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