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Thruster – The Versatile Front Fin for Thruster & Quad

Our Thrusters are designed for use as part of a quad or thruster multi fin set up, they can also be used on SUP boards as front fins in either a thruster or quad set up. Combine with a pair of WaveMULTI (13-16cm) or MiniEPIC (13.5 – 16.5cm) fins and you have the perfect quad set up. Using the Thrusters as your front fins gives a loose twinzer quad style setup. If you are considering a three fin thruster set up on your wave board then the Thrusters will be perfect when combined with either a larger WaveMULTI (14-17cm) or MiniEPIC (14.5 – 17.5cm) as your center fin. Adaptability is the key to you finding the right set up for YOUR style, YOUR location and YOUR desires and that is why our fins are offered as individual fins so that you have the chance to buy exactly what you want and experiment with your set up.  Choice is your freedom to express yourself.

  • Available in 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11cm which combine with our WaveMULTI or MiniEPIC to create a vast array of options for riders looking to adapt their ride to suit their style, locaton and mood.
  • Maximum performance: All points of sail, extreme maneuverability
  • High rake with progressive swept tip for board control, tracking and maneuverability
  • Extremely spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 base with a choice of  either US, Slot or Mini-Tuttle
  • Advanced wave foil technology
  • Comes complete with protective foam cover, high quality brass fin plate and screw


7 US/Slot /MT 35
8 US/Slot /MT 46
9 US/Slot /MT 54
10 US/Slot /MT 62
11 US/Slot /MT 74