Which handle is right for me?

Which SUP Paddle handle is right for me?


When customizing your Black Project paddle you are offered a number of choice for your handle and while handle choice is a very personal thing there are a few things to consider which will help you choose the perfect fit for you and your paddling.




The T handle features a curved back and flat front, this handle is typically preferred by riders in waves or those with smaller hands.



The PALM handle as the name suggests fits the curve of your hand extremely comfortably. Slightly bigger than the T handle this is preferred by riders with bigger hands and / or those racing and touring on flat water. The shape allows maximum energy transfer and comfort during long periods of paddling.


Our premium carbon handles are made from 3k pre-preg carbon for the optimal weight to strength ratio. Being hollow and made from 100% carbon our Pro series handles are extremely light while remaining tough enough to take a beating over a long period. Our Vario handles are also hollow for reduced weight but made with glass and then painted, they are extremely strong, colorful while remaining light.


Our handles are available in a range of colors as well as in gloss or matte finish depending on your preference.


If you have questions please get in touch, if you are ready to choose your next paddle go to the online store.