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How are Black Project SUP Race Fins Made?

How are Black Project SUP Race Fins Made?

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Our Pro Carbon SUP race fins are produced using Resign Transfer Molding. RTM is primarily used to mold components with large surface areas, complex shapes and smooth finishes hence it is ideal for making premium quality fins. This production process delivers the best possible strength to weight ratio. We use steel molds as they produce higher quality results than other cheaper materials. Our quality control (QC) process is the most rigorous in the fin world and any which do not meet or exceed our quality benchmarks are destroyed. Once the factory QC is complete all Pro Carbon fins come to Hawaii for final inspection by Chris and/or Tom, only fins which have been signed off as perfect ever get to enjoy the water. Our high tech production process and unrivaled quality control procedures ensures that you get the exact fin which Tom designed and the team tested. Team riders use the exact same fins which you can buy from the store.

Design in Maui. Tested worldwide.