Which SUP Race fin base do I need?

SUP race boards now use one of two main types of fin box. Black Project Fins is your premium choice and hence we want your SUP race fin to fit perfectly so that you get ultimate performance boost from our fins hence we are the only brand to provide our SUP race fins with two different fin bases so that you get the perfect fit for your board every time. 


Why is a correct fit so important?

If you have a poorly fitting fin you are not getting the biggest performance gain possible. A loose fin will have less tracking, less stability and more drag. Our fins are designed to be tight in the box, often the last few mm of adjustment are achieved upon tightening. Our bases have a number of features which set them apart from others, while you cannot see the base when the fin is in the board it is an important part of your performance. Incorrect fit may also lead to a fin sitting in the board at the incorrect angle, this will affect the flow of water (as well as weeds etc.) across the foil and as a result you are loosing performance. If you are serious about your performance then Black Project is your only option!


The 2 different fin boxes currently being used on production boards


Our US base fits STARBOARDNAISHJP-AUSTRALIAFANATIC, RED PADDLE Co., QUATRO, LOKAHI and all major worldwide production brands.This is the same as found on many windsurfing boards and is wider and deeper with the pin set further from the deck of the board. The base is 9.2mm thick.

US base 2015 w615



Our US SURF PRO base fits boards with a narrower and shallower base as used by SICANCHOR PADDLEBOARSIMAGINEGLIDE, BOGA, RIVIERA, HOBIE etc. Narrower and shallower than the US base with the pin set closer to the deck of the board. The base is 9.0mm thick. The new PRO base for 2015 features a slotted base for reduced weight and easier insertion.

PRO SURF base 2014 w615


IMPORTANT: if you are unsure which base you need for your board please contact us for assistance.