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Freeride Windsurfing Fins

Windsurf Freeride & Freerace Fins

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DRAGON Freeride / Freerace
All round fin for performance & fun
Hydro Freeride / Freeerace Anti-Weed
Weed Shedding, Early Planing, Lightening Speed & Smooth Jibes
Ultra short fin for freeride in shallow and weedy water

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Freeride Fins – Our windsurfing fins will improve the performance of your freeride board. By upgrading to Black Project Fins you will extend the wind range of your freeride and freerace board, plane earlier, sail faster, stay in control longer and jibe faster. Our weed and shallow water freeride fins will have you sailing in locations which were previously inaccessible. As a result you will have more fun every time you hit the water. Rather than buying a new board this season it is time to upgrade your fins and get more performance from your existing board saving you money! Our range of freeride fins & freerace fins have been developed using the same technology and rigorous testing as our race winning slalom fins and championship dominating wave fins. Unlike other freeride fins ours use precision CNC manufacturing in the same materials as our other fins. You might not be chasing speed records but you need the performance upgrade all the same. Except no compromises this season and upgrade your windsurfing fins today.

Upgrading to Black Project Fins will improve your windsurfing.