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How do I choose the right SLALOM fin?

We are all different, we ride different boards, sail in different locations and come in a range of weights and heights with varying degrees of skill. This guide aims to explore the differences between our two slalom fin options so that you as a rider can make informed decisions about you fin quiver and achieve optimal performance. Our Type R [Black Ed.] is optimized for maximum drive in a range of conditions and will suit riders who use increased back foot pressure and enjoy a rock solid feel while our Type RS [Black Ed.] has a more fluid feel which is suited for riders who like to sail over powered and those racing on downwind courses. In the right hands both options are devastatingly quick as shown by GPS data and race results.

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  • Type R [Black Ed.] Maximum drive and all round slalom action 
  • Type RS [Black Ed.] Maximum speed in downwind & overpowered conditions


What influences my choice of fin?

  1. Rider weight: Bigger riders push harder and need a more powerful fin whereas smaller riders benefit from less lift which enables them to keep the board level and fast. We find that bigger riders and those who push hard with their back foot often get better results with the Type R whereas smaller riders and those more balanced or favoring front foot pressure will be more comfortable with the Type RS. 
  2. Rider ability: The Type RS is a more technical fin to sail and hence is suited to experienced to Pro level riders. The Type R has a broader appeal from intermediate through to Pro riders based on its extreme ease of us.
  3. Board characteristics: Every board is different and hence need different fin characteristics. Boards with increased V will have more grip and hence riders can use smaller and looser fins. Boards which are flatter in the tail section will need more grip and hence bigger, stiffer and more powerful fins.
  4. Board & Sail size: Those using bigger sails and boards will tend to find the Type R provides them with more power and early planing potential. On smaller slalom boards the then the Type RS really comes into its own and dominates. In the medium range personal preference and other factors dictate the decision.
  5. Wind strength, consistency and direction: if you sail in gusty conditions the earlier planing of the Type R will help you keep powered in the lulls. In stronger and more consistent winds the added control of the Type RS in rough water will be very beneficial. In offshore and dead onshore winds choose the Type R as it has the best upwind ability which is needed to get off the beach and back to the beach.
  6. Water state: In rougher water the increased flex of the Type RS will help you keep the board under control. Rough seas are often associated with strong winds reinforcing the decision to use the Type RS.
  7. Course being sailed or raced: One of the biggest factors in choice between our two Pro level slalom fins, if you are sailing a downwind course then the Type RS is potentially faster in the right hands, if you are sailing on a course which has upwind and/or tight marks then the Type R is likely to be advantageous.