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Thruster Wave Fins – MiniEPIC


EPIC THRUSTER Fins – Morgan Noireuax Signature Series
Speed, Power, Grip & Pivot

Thruster Fins – The EPIC windsurfing wave fins are your choice for THRUSTER wave boards. Available in [Black Ed.] or [FLX] construction, with 7 different sizes of rear fin (from 13.5 to 20cm) and 4 different sizes of front fin (from 10.5 to 13.5) together with 4 different fin bases (US, Slot Box, Mini-Tuttle & Powerbox for 16.5 & upwards).

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The full thruster fin range provides riders with 84 possible options to ensure the perfectly tuned wave board set up for every unique set of water, wind, board and rider variables. We have simplified the choices with 10 suggested thruster sizes in the table below which will cover most situations and help you maximize the potential from your thruster wave board (e.g. Fanatic Triwave TE, Quatro Pyramid, Quatro Sphere, Tabou Pocket etc.) or freewave board (e.g. Starboard Kode Freewave, Fanatic Freewave TXTR, Quatro Tetra etc.). These wave fins are optimized for fast and powerful wave sailing where riders want speed, grip and fast turns. The increased drive and control of the large sizes is loved by freewave riders. With increased rake and a little added tip twist these fins will deliver increased pivot to promote faster and tighter turns on the wave. Controlled and confident bottom turns with tight powerful and linking top turns are familiar to our wave riders. With added speed and drive riders will find more ramps and soar higher. For larger boards and riders we have added the the rear Powerbox option and this has become very popular with riders looking to enhance the performance of freewave boards enabling wave performance never seen before from a freewave board. These are fins are the choice for 2 X PWA Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux, 2 x AWT Ho’okipa Champion Bernd Roediger and by 4 x AWT Champion Ingrid Larouche. Refer to the guides below and select the perfect thruster fin combination for you board, sail, weight and conditions.

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EPIC THRUSTER – Wave Fin Overview

  • Winner of the 2014 & 2015 PWA Aloha Classic (Morgan Noireaux)
  • Extreme speed & maneuverability for aggressive riding
  • Increased rake with progressive swept tip for increased control, tracking and maneuverability
  • Increased tip twist for added control at high speeds and tight turns
  • Extremely spin-out resistant thanks to our precision CNC engineering & advanced wave fin foil
  • Solid base with a choice of either US, Slot, Mini-Tuttle or Powerbox (16.5cm and upwards for rear fins)
  • Utilizes the Black Project advanced wave foil technology
  • Comes complete with protective foam cover, high quality fin plate and screw
  • Fin of choice for: Morgan Noireaux, Bernd RoedigerIngrid Larouche & Chris Freeman

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To help riders choose their fins we have created three thruster size bands, SmallMedium & Large, each of which is divided into a number of sizes; windsurf fins, windsurfing fins, wave fins, thruster windsurfing fins, thruster size chart, thruster fins, thruster windsurf fins, black project, morgan noireuax, black project fins, MiniEPIC, thruster set up guide

  • SMALL (S1, S2 & S3) for  Grom, Women & Smaller Riders (Rider weight under 70kg), these sizes are the choice of team riders such as Ingrid Larouche and Jake & Max Schettewi.
  • MEDIUM (M1, M2, M3 & M4) for most riders in a range of conditions (Rider weight 70 – 85 kg)
  • LARGE (L1, L2 & L3) for heavier riders on bigger boards (Rider weight 85kg +)

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Things to consider when choosing your fin combo:

  1. Fin recommendations are based on advanced and expert riders, intermediates should select one size bigger.
  2. Select one size bigger for strong currents and onshore wind.
  3. Chart is based on an average weight 80kg (175lbs), lighter riders may go one size smaller and heavier one size bigger.
  4. Multi-fin combinations is largely based on rider style, board and conditions, please ask for advice and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable set up.
  5. Refer to the set up guides for advice:

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