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Type X – Asymmetric Ultimate Speed Sailing Fin


TYPE X World Record Chasing Speed Sailing Fin
Asymmetric Foiling For Canals & Flat Water Speed Sailing Locations

Speed Fin – The Type X windsurfing speed fin is designed specifically for SPEED sailing on broad to deep reaches. Ideally suited to specialist speed locations such as West Kirby (United Kingdom) and Sandy Point (Australia) this is the fin which our team use in the Luderitz Canal (Namibia).

The Type X is Black Project’s asymmetric ultimate speed sailing creation. Rather than choose the size, choose how fast you want to go by selecting the 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 or 55 knot version which is optimal to your speed location and the conditions faced. Each version is available in a Port or Starboard variant depending upon the orientation of your speed strip. The fin is optimized for very broad speed sailing course and speed boards of typically <50cm wide. The Type X delivers grip and control in the most challenging of circumstances where failure cannot be tolerated. The Type X speed sailing fin has been proven to be exceptionally fast with riders, Jurjen van der Noord, Martyn Ogier, Brad Anderson, Dirk Jan Knol, and Pete Young all setting quick times. Over the past few years we have worked closely with team riders in the fastest of locations to deliver the ultimate speed sailing fin, be ready to set your new PB. Our goal is to hold the world GPS speed records as well as the overall 500m world record and we are quietly confident that this will happen with the Type X.

Example GPS Tracks With TYPE X

  1. Jurjen van der Noord – MAX 51.49, 100m 51.3, 250m 50.59, 500m 49.03 (More detail) (X-50 SB)
  2. Martyn Ogier – MAX: 50.05, 100m 49.84: 500m 48.24 (More detail) (X-45 SB)
  3. Dirk Jan Knol – MAX: 49.11, 100m: 48.72 (More detail) (X-45 SB)
  4. Martyn Ogier MAX: 49.2, 100m: 48.68 (More detail) (X-40 SB)
  5. Brad Anderson – MAX: 47.96, 100m: 47.31 (More detail) (X-45 SB)
  6. Pete Young – MAX: 47.77, 100m: 46.86 (More detail) (X-45 SB)
  7. Martyn Ogier MAX: 47.61, 100m: 47.27: 500m: 44.74 (More detail) (X-40 SB)
  8. Dirk Jan Knol – MAX: 46.57, 100m: 45.59 (More detail) (X-40 SB)


TYPE X – Speed Sailing Fin Overview

  • Asymmetric foil – available in Port and Starboard tack variants
  • Optimized for record seeking advanced speed sailors
  • Designed for extremely broad speed courses e.g. Luderitz, West Kirby & more
  • Solid G-10 Tuttle base
  • Metic threaded brass inserts
  • Comes complete with protective foam cover
  • Fin of choice for: Jurjen van der Noord, Martyn Ogier, Brad Anderson & more in canal speed conditions



X55 (19.3) Tuttle 138 5.0 – 5.5 41 – 44cm
X50 (20.4) Tuttle 152 5.0 – 5.5 42 – 46cm
X45 (21.9) Tuttle 169 5.5 – 6.0 44 – 48cm
X40 (23.4) Tuttle 187 6.0 – 6.6 46 – 50cm
 Windsurfing speed sailing fin - Type X asymmetric GPS speed fin