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Wave Fins – Single, Twin, Thruster & Quad

Windsurf Wave: Single Fin, Twin Fins, Thruster Fins & Quad Fins

epic-windsurfing-wave-single-fin Black.Project.Fins_.MiniEPIC.Twin_.wave_.fin_.set_.up_.Morgan.Noireaux.Black_.Edition Black.Project.Fins_.MiniEPIC.Thruster.wave_.fin_.set_.up_.Morgan.Noireaux.Black_.Edition Black.Project.Fins_.MiniEPIC.quad_.wave_.fin_.set_.up_.Morgan.Noireaux.Black_.Edition
Single Fin Twinzer Fins  Thruster Fins  Quad Fins 

Wave fin comparison data to be added.

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Wave Fins – Our range of windsurfing wave fins will improve the performance of you single fin, twin fin, thruster fin and quad fin wave and freewave boards. Developed in Maui and tested worldwide our wave fins are pushed to the limit by our experienced team of riders and testers including 2 x PWA Aloha Classic Champion Morgan Noireaux, Black Project Co-Founder Chris Freeman, wave sailing legend Mark Angulo & PWA Freestyle World Champion Dieter Van der Eyken. Put simply changing you wave fins will improve your wave sailing and as a result you will have more fun on the water.

Upgrading to Black Project Fins will increase your wave sailing performance.

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