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Wave SINGLE – Classic Windsurfing Single Fin

The Wave Single windsurfing fin is our classic single wave fin. It was engineered to deliver maximum performance in all-round wave sailing conditions in a range of wave and freewave boards. Tested in a variety of conditions from on-shore to offshore wind with waves clean and bumpy from chop to classic Ho’okipa. If you are looking for increased speed, power and turning then this is the ideal upgrade for your single fin wave board. This fin has also become popular for riders using smaller freewave boards who are looking for more wave performance.

Wave Single Windsurfing Fin for single fin boards by Black Project, Maui, Hawaii

  • Maximum performance: All points of sail, extreme maneuverability
  • High rake with progressive swept tip for board control, tracking and maneuverability
  • Extremely spin-out resistant
  • Solid G-10 Standard Wave Base
  • Advanced wave foil technology
18 US / Power 157 3.7 64
20 US / Power 178 4.2 71
22 US / Power 200 4.7 78
24 US / Power 223 5.3 85
26 US / Power 249 5.8 92

Wave Single Windsurfing Fin by Black Project, Maui, Hawaii

“Definately like the concept of a small more upright fin, seems to work sick…” Ian Black, Cornwall, UK